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  1. 1
    Guidance provided by an experienced and trusted adviser.
  2. 2
    A learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.
  3. 3
    A period of time during which a person receives guidance from a mentor.

What Would Be Possible for YOUR Event Planning Business... 

... if you could learn directly from the celebrity wedding and event planner who has planned events for A-listers like Prince Charles, Nancy Reagan, Elton John, and Jennifer Lopez?

As an event planner, you have an eye for details and you love to create unforgettable experiences for your clients.

But planning events as a career adds another layer of challenges.

It takes a special skill set to plan amazing events… holding the vision for the event, coordinating vendors, logistics, and attendees, keeping an eye on the budget, and trouble-shooting a seemingly infinite number of little things that could go wrong.

And on top of all of that, it takes a whole other skill set to run a business that sells event planning services: from marketing, to pricing your services, to acquiring clients and managing their expectations, to in the end, earning their referrals and repeat business.

To be successful as an event planning professional, you need event planning skills AND business skills.

It can feel overwhelming!

Even though you love this event planning business and can't imagine doing anything else, you just can't seem to break through your own personal income ceiling.

You see other event planners working with clients that have huge event budgets, and you wonder… “What’s their secret? How can I do that?”

You want to feel confident and successful, stand out in this crowded industry, and be well-compensated for your services.

Fortunately, you’re not alone...

You Don’t Have to Figure
It All Out for Yourself!

There’s a saying that goes, “Success leaves clues.”

One of the most effective strategies for creating the results you want in life is to seek out a mentor who has been there, done that, and can help dramatically shorten your learning curve and your path to success.

Imagine if you were fully booked with ideal clients, happy to pay you top-dollar...

Imagine being the go-to expert in your area.

And imagine your event planning business humming along like a well-oiled machine, giving you plenty of time away from your business to refresh, recharge and take amazing care of yourself.

All of this is possible, and the right mentor can support you to get there.

That’s Why We Created The 


David is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success in the lifestyle arena, including multiple hit TV shows.

And now for the first time ever, David is peeling back the curtain for other event planners in this unique mentorship program.

David has created this experience for planners and designers to come together, flourish, and make lasting connections with other professionals from around the world. 

Here’s Just a Taste Of What You’ll Learn:

Client Attraction

  • Top 5 Secrets to Attracting High-End Clients
  • How to Create an Irresistible Proposal
  • Why Clients Should Hire YOU
  • How to Gracefully Handle Challenging Clients
  • Best Practices for Contracts & Payments

Business Growth Strategies

  • How to Attract PR and Media Opportunities
  • Fuel Your Growth with Your Mission Statement
  • How to Position Yourself as  an Industry Leader
  • Successful Pricing and Budgeting Strategies
  • How to Grow Into Planning High-End Events

Vendors & Venues

  • Best Practices for Demos & Presentations
  • Understanding Permits and Insurance
  • Best Practices for Communicating with Your Vendors
  • Best Practices for Creating Event Timelines
  • Real Event Case Studies to Model

Balancing Life & Business

  • Best Practices for Working with Employees
  • How to Tap Into Your Creativity
  • Self-Care Secrets for Busy Event Planners
  • How to Delegate without Micromanaging
  • Understanding Your Role as a Thriving Event Planner



  • Monthly Live Training Calls with David Tutera (60 Min Each) - 2nd Wednesdays at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern                             
  • Monthly Group Mentoring Calls w/ David Tutera (60 Min Each)  - 4th Wednesdays at 4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern
  • Resources & Recommended Vendors Directory
  • Library of Recordings of All Trainings & Group Mentoring Calls
  • Priority Invitation to Exclusive David Tutera Events & Experiences
  • BONUS: Private Online Support Community for Networking and Asking Questions Between Calls

A Note From David Tutera:

After three decades of planning and designing events throughout the world, I realized that it was time to share all that I have experienced and learned with others.

This program is what I wish I had had earlier in my career. With no guidance, no insight, no business education and no direction, I had to learn by trial and error, and I made so many mistakes!

I take great pride in bringing information, knowledge and insight to our industry. We all share a common passion which is making others happy through planning and designing CELEBRATIONS.

You will learn, grow your business and increase your confidence not just in this industry but within yourself.

Surround yourself with others that believe you are great...because YOU are!

What Other Event Planners Are Saying:

Thank you for showing me how to make an event no one will ever forget! Your knowledge has helped to increase my confidence and abilities. You are a visionary!

- Rene

[Learning from David and Joey] has motivated me to continue focusing on my dreams and aspirations and to always surround myself with people that believe in me. David and Joey, Thank you for believing in me it means so much to me……it is priceless.

- Carmen

You have no idea how all this has impacted my life. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with everyone, and to continue learning. You will forever have a special place in my heart.

- Berenice

Looking Forward to Supporting You!

David and the entire team at David Tutera Events are truly thrilled to begin this journey with you and to set you up for the next level of success in your event planning business.

We can hardly wait to see what you create over the next 12 months!

About David Tutera:

Leading Wedding & Entertaining Expert, David Tutera has created a name for himself by taking his passion for designing spectacular events and transforming it into a lifestyle. He continuously exceeds the expected with an unmatched level of inspiration, imagination and innovation to create the latest trends in entertaining.

David lives with his husband Joey, daughters Cielo and Gracie as well as their dogs, Lucy and Teddy. Family means everything to him, and he takes it very seriously and honors it and holds it very close to his heart.

Want to learn from David Tutera first-hand in a community of like-minded event planners? Join The David Tutera Mentorship!

"Event planning 

is a PASSION...
embrace it!"



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